Help stop the craziness

We're smart...
we don't have to kill them
to go for a swim

The problem

34,000km of coast, 10,600 beaches, 10,000,000 beach goers who share the water with 3,000 white sharks, 10,000 bull sharks and 25,000 tiger sharks.


Nets kill everything, endangered species, thousands of innocent animals and one or two possible problem sharks...
We are smarter than this!

Our solution

An elegant warning system, that sits out of sight close to beach users that surfaces and warns them when a big animal is nearby, then tells you when it is safe to go back in.
It's smart. It's humans working with wildlife rather than destroying it.

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Brains over brawn

Expanding on the work by Inventor Ric Richardson the Feel Good Foundation is commissioning work to solve the shark problem properly.

Safe Waters is a project of the Feel Good Foundation. A non profit organisation set up to exploit community beneficial inventions and technologies by Inventor Ric Richardson and others.